The residence has a logo specially designed and registered in Switzerland. The “Tivoli Penthouse” sign (an inherent part of the Penthouse) is an intellectual property registered under number 143,766.



The Penthouse design was developed in collaboration with designers working for the Luxury Living Group (Fendi Casa). Specialists from Fendi selected furniture, a grand piano, and accessories.



Together with the specialists of the Trading House "Christofle", we selected complete sets of silverware, porcelain, and crystal in the style of the Penthouse design, taking into account all the requirements of etiquette.

Especially for the Penthouse style, "Frette" professionals have selected excellent home textiles, including high-quality down filled soft furnishings, fine cotton bedding, soft cashmere blankets and bedspreads, luxurious terry robes and towels.

The "Vidal" company, which is located in the heart of Zurich and has been producing carpets for over 100 years, has provided unique handmade carpets specifically for the style of the TIVOLI Penthouse.

Another nice addition to the Penthouse is the snow-white Poggenpohl kitchen, equipped with Miele built-in appliances and impeccable accessories by Kitchen Aid Artisan.



The amazing, inspiring paintings of the world-famous artist Joëlle LALAGÜE (whose works adorn one of the world's most luxurious yachts, Solange) are decorated with rare crystals which are more than a million years old, and were purchased at special auctions. These paintings, —Āreated specifically for the Penthouse style, give the house an incredible beauty.



A carefully selected collection of first-class alcohol will be a pleasant bonus to the luxurious atmosphere of the Penthouse. The estimated cost of the collection is 220'000 CHF and  includes such great wines as Château Petrus, Château Mouton-Rothschild, Château d’Yquem. Rare champagne wines Dom Pérignon Rosé, Dom Pérignon Blanc, Crystal Rosé, Crystal Blanc, Salon. Included also - Macallan's thirty-year-old whisky, Hennessy Ellipse exclusive cognac, Hennessy Richard and the rarest Maximo Cuban rum. The collection is stored in special wine coolers that are conveniently located in the Piano Salon, spa and in the wine cellar.



The Penthouse’s television and sound equipment are focused on the latest achievements in digital technology. Sony's latest televisions have been installed, among them the largest one on the market today. All rooms are equipped with high-quality sound with individually designed speakers. All this is controlled by the system "Smart Home" on the basis of AMX.



The amazing New Year's handmade decor was made individually for the Penthouse style by the designers of the famous German company "Boltze".



Two practical pantries, which are located on the top floor of the Penthouse, next to the kitchen, dining room and terrace, are a real bonus. Each square centimeter of storage space is used rationally. A roomy fridge with freezers and an ice maker and spacious cabinets provide additional comfort and save time in day to day living.



The cozy terrace surrounding the Penthouse is furnished with exclusive garden furniture from Fendi. All zones are equipped with modern audio and video systems, the terrace is illuminated with multi-level lighting, as well as innovative torches and stylish heaters, which add a special charm and extra comfort. The multi-functionality of the terrace allows you to take in the fresh air and sunbathe, and also to enjoy the view of Lake Lucerne from the bar area.   Freshen up in the heated pool and relax on the soft sofas near the working fireplace. Grill in the dining area with a gorgeous view of Mount Pilatus.