Technical details

"Tivoli Penthouse" has high-tech and ultramodern features of accomplishment and comfort, which, together with a special unified style, create a unique, incomparable place to live in a luxurious style.

composition of residence and area

"Tivoli Penthouse" – residence consists of:


Penthouse with 2 floors

Penthouse. The first level (5th floor) total area of premises 320 m2
  total area of loggias 18.9 m2
Penthouse. The second level (6th floor) total area of premises 80.8 m2
  total terrace area 257.6 m2
5th and 6th floors together total area of premises 400.8 m2
  total area of loggias and terraces 276.5 m2


Hobby rooms (ground floor)

Relaxation Suite total area of premises 43.6 m2
terrace area 25.6 m2
SPA total area 46.2 m2
Fitness total area of premises 19.8 m2
terrace area 18.5 m2
Guest room total area of premises 23,14 м2
terrace area 18,15 м2
All hobby rooms total area of premises 132.74 m2
terrace area 62.25 m2


Storage rooms (ground floor, underground floor)

Storage room 1 area 19.0 m2
Storage room 2 area 7.3 m2
Storage room 3 area 3.6 m2
All storage rooms total area 29.9 m2


Wine cellar (ground floor)

Wine cellar total area 2.45 m2


Parking Spaces

Places for cars quantity 4 places
Places for mini-cars quantity 4 places

Structures and materials

Ultra-modern and high-quality structures and materials are used in the Penthouse.

  • Outer walls are multilayered, brick.
  • Inner walls – brick with concrete fragments.
  • Floors – reinforced concrete, monolithic.
  • Windows, doors to terraces – wood-aluminium with multiple glazing.
  • Roof – copper pitched and/or flat.
  • Covering of terraces and loggias – natural stone (granite, sandstone).
  • Stairs – reinforced concrete, monolithic.

Engineering networks

Special attention was paid to engineering networks, providing comfort at home, reliability, ease of management, and accurate and fail-safe working of all devices.

  • Heating, hot water supply – from central consumer boiler-house. System of low-temperature floor heating.
  • Ventilation – forced with heat recovery. Individual.
  • Cooking – electricity.
  • Telephone, television, Internet via fibre optics.
  • Alarm system – in accordance with standards of protection for household objects.
  • Multimedia system "multiroom".
  • Control of light, outdoor venetian blinds, awnings, ventilation, heating, multimedia, alarm – system "smart house" on basis of "AMX".


The decoration is made in the spirit of the time.

  • Floors – parquet plank of exotic wood or natural stone (marble).
  • Walls and ceilings – high-quality colouring with ecological mineral paint. Stucco decoration is applied. In bathrooms and showers -ceramic tiles, mosaic.
  • Doors, baseboards, built–in individual cabinets - wood.
  • Plumbing – "Devon&Devon", "Dornbracht".
  • Covering of terraces and loggias – natural stone (granite, sandstone).


Penthouse has two fireplaces (with certified in Switzerland smoke conduits).

  • Solid-fuel fireplace on the terrace of the second level of penthouse with brick construction. Classic, traditional design.
  • Gas fireplace in the TV lounge – the embodiment of the most modern technologies, materials and design. Electronically controlled. A general fireplace design was developed in cooperation with "Fendi".


On the second level terrace there is a four-seat minipool by the world famous German company “RivieraPool” in the most complete set.


Companies that participated in the reconstruction and creating technical reputation of the Tivoli Penthouse.

Leading Swiss companies, known for their quality, name, reliability and level of service, took part in the creation of this special place.